Dystopia is Escandall Teatral’s trilogy in which we propose universes based on the lack of natural resources and how life develops in this society.

With Amagatalls Secrets, the first part of this trilogy, we have created a world in which the only material that surrounds us is plastic.

With our second part, Ecocidi, we set out a reality in which the life of trees has been extinguished.

Finally, this third and last Distopía is about air quality and the difficulty of breathing.


The project “XX” includes three different performative actions that can be presented on the same day or on different days. They reflect on some of the microsexist aspects of our patriarchal society. From humor and tragedy, they reflect on fashion, compliments and women as flower vases.

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Creation of Ad Hoc short plays.

The art of developing short–term actions in small and medium scale.

You give us the topic and we develop it!

Manolo Bosch

Carolina Doria Marimón

Gustavo Alonso Vidal

Mireia Marqués

Jorge Lizana Ruiz

La mujer de verde

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