Escandall Teatral has two works in progress at the moment. “XX”, three actions on patriarchal society and “Dystopia”, our commitment to ecology and the fight against climate change, a work that reflects on the lives of human beings in the near future.


Humans have been able to evolve, create, build, invent and innovate. We are a species endowed with enough intelligence to develop everything we propose. Unfortunately, you are looking forward to a better life,
of creating a utopian world, it is ending Mother Earth.
Plastic, at the time, was a revolutionary invention,
more resistant to shocks than glass, lighter, more malleable but rigid enough to create everything we can think of. Although, unfortunately, harder to make disappear.


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Life in a patriarchal system where both men and women have built our behavior and personal development based on an outdated scheme with respect to women. In our society, a series of behaviors that should not have a place in the time we are living have been normalized. XX reflects the reality of today’s women using their daily experiences from a plastic and scenic point of view.


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