FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule XX?

You can put it on as three separate actions in three different moments or together as a Forum Theatre play with at least 15 minutes of debate between the actions to allow the costume and set changes.


How long does it last?

Floretes: +/- 17 minutes

Florera: +/- 20 minutes

Flowerless: +/- 23 minutes

All three actions together as a Forum Theatre play: 1h 50’


Where can I schedule the show?

In a square, an outdoor public space, a multipurpose room, in theatres where the stage is lower down than the stands…


Can I schedule it in a proscenium stage theatre?

It is not intended for it. But it could be adapted using the Forum Theatre option.


What are the technical requirements?

In the street:

With daylight, none. At night, it depends on whether the space is sufficiently lit or not.

In multipurpose rooms:


In the Theatre Forum option:

Sound equipment and microphones for the debate between the members of the audience.

What are the logistics requirements?

An open-plan, traffic-free space, with enough room for the play and the audience. And a place to change, with a shower.


Do you need a stage?



Stage space measures.

The play adapts to the available space. Contact us if you have any doubts.


Is it a children’s show?



Can children watch the show?

Of course. Minors are usually accompanied by a responsible adult, who can decide if he wants the minor to become aware of these issues or not. In fact it can help them talk about current social problems.


Can it be performed at a school?

Up until now it has been performed for high school students with a spectacular reaction, not only because of the ovation received, but also because of the comments of the teachers and even of the parents who, without even being there, congratulated us for the play, because their children brought up a conversation topic at home that made them all stop and think about “micro-machismo”


What techniques do you use during the performance?

Performance art techniques, with no literary text, that make the character evolve.

Floretes: Syllabic poetry. Only six words are used.

Florera: Onomatopeic poetry. Object manipulation.

Flowerless: Clown technique with onomatopoeias.


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